Farabi Trust For Human Development

Objectives of the Trust

The main purpose of the Trust is to facilitate a Non-Political Movement for Positive Social Change and Community Empowerment through Mass Literacy, Enhanced Quality of Education, Universal Healthcare, Grassroots Economic Development and Sustainable Environment

Education and Literacy

Our efforts are all-encompassing; from building new institutions, schools, colleges and universities to instilling a love of learning amongst children, and providing local residents with training, tools, and skills to engage parents in educational activities. One of the main aspects of our efforts will be girls and women’s education. Many families do not see the benefit of educating daughters when there are mouths to feed. Many young girls are forced to drop out of school. Our visions a future, where girls are healthy, literate, and aware of their rights and leadership capabilities. Investing in girls’ education is the most effective global solution to eliminate gender disparity. Our Trust Village Development Organizations work to persuade parents to send their young girls back to school and give them the opportunity to break free from poverty.

Healthier Community

The focus of this program is on providing preventative measures and educating the population on general health including Community Health Centres, Hospitals, Health Screenings and Seminars for improving general health behaviours for families. These health seminars empower women to live healthier lives and teach their families the importance of diet, cleanliness, and reproductive health.

Economic Development

Economic Development Program has given men and women equal business opportunities and allows them to provide for themselves and their families. Our Trust will encourage entrepreneurship and provides training for men and women in vocational skills and business management. This program provides the poorest in these villages with an ability to earn a living that will help provide food and shelter for their families. With new career opportunities, many now have the chance to build their own businesses and teach these skills to other members of their community.


Our Causes

Sustainable Environment

Developing new and sustainable infrastructure represents a significant part of the Trust. The Sustainable Environment Program focuses on reversing the loss of environmental resources. The Trust will be partnered with communities to complete over physical infrastructure projects, including building sustainable and safe drinking water systems with delay action dams, hand pumps, and tube wells, link roads, solid waste disposal, irrigation projects, and agricultural pest management. The Trust will also work to rehabilitate flood affected villages, along with maintenance and repair of infrastructure projects in Model Villages throughout Pakistan.

Social Mobilization

  • Development Disaster Management Plans
  • Proposal Writing Training
  • Establish a Network of the Trust at the district level
  • Training on Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Sharing of Village Development Plans with local government
  • Enrollment of out of school children in Primary and Secondary Schools


Pakistan has the most percentage of youth among all the categories of its population. That is a great sign as it means greater chances of revolution. The youth of Pakistan are not less talented and able than that any other developed country. But one demerits are certainly more than our merits. A lot of young people are busy indulging them in useless activities, thus spoiling their future. The main reason is that there is no proper guidance. We as a Farabi will provides knowledge and skill to the population, as well as shaping the personality in a virtuous way. Farabi will provide the platform where we will educate and guide the youth in a positive manner also will build their character values under the code of Islamic ethics. We educate and train to enhance their professional life in a number of significant ways. Farabi will encourage the youth nearby them and to raise their morals high. Education shouldn’t mean only becoming a doctor or engineer, it should teach someone how to think, how to act and how to play his role in flourishing a better society. “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”